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Dogs and Velcro- Who Knew!!

July 14, 2010

In 1941 an engineer by the name of George de Mestral and his dog ventured together on daily treks through the Swiss Alps.  It is reported that, following their hikes, Mr. de Mestral spent time grooming his faithful friend to dislodge burrs from his haircoat. This was no mindless task; rather it managed to get Mr. de Mestral’s creative juices flowing.  He examined the burrs under a microscope and took note of their teeny tiny hooks that latched onto his dog’s hair.  He copied this phenomenon with an invention named after the French words for velvet and hook (velours and crochet).  Thus the invention of Velcro!

History indicates that it took many years for Mr. de Mestral’s creation to catch on (no pun intended), but, as you know, Velcro has become a sensationally versatile and popular product.  I wish I could provide you with the name or breed of the dog who inspired this invention- of interest to me, but apparently unimportant to Velcro historians! Don’t they realize that had said dog sported long spindly legs and a coarse haircoat- the burrs might not have latched on, and we would be living Velcro-less lives! 

The next time you’re painstakingly removing burrs from your dog’s haircoat or a thunderstorm causes your dog to “stick to you like Velcro,” do not despair.  Rather, remind yourself about George de Mestral and the amazing invention inspired by the awesome combination of nature and a dog. 

Now, here’s wishing you and your four-legged best friend a most enjoyable and safe summer!

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