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September 24, 2010

I just had myself a good cry, and who wouldn’t after watching this video featuring an amazing dog named Ricochet (  C’mon now, no one likes to cry alone- please watch it for yourself and report back on whether it was a one or two tissue viewing!

I love Ricochet’s story.  She’s a gorgeous Golden Retriever who was slated to be a service dog for people with disabilities.  She proved to be a bit of a handful, so much so that her human companion Judy Fridono disappointingly gave up on the career aspirations she had for Ricochet.  As Judy stated, “I struggled for 18 months trying to make her something she wasn’t.”  Little did she know that, not only would Ricochet become a service dog enhancing the lives of many people with disabilities, she would do so while riding a surfboard!  This wonderdog has been the “main event” at several fundraisers and, in doing so, has raised more than $50,000 to support people with disabilities (during tough economic times, I might add).  She recently received the highly coveted AKC award for canine excellence. Please check out Ricochet’s story at  You’ll also find her on Facebook at

I hope you will “catch the wave” of Ricochet’s pure golden goodness and contribute to one of her many fundraisers.  After watching the video mentioned above (and after wiping my eyes and nose) I emailed Judy to say, “I simply cannot imagine our lives without dogs- they brighten our lives with so much joy, wonder, and grace.” Judy’s response….. “Can’t imagine life without dogs.  They’re our best teachers too.”

Now here’s wishing you and your four-legged family members abundant good health. 

Nancy Kay, DVM
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