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When the Doctor Becomes the Patient: Not Always a Pretty Picture

May 2, 2011

While in the midst of my post-surgery “down time” I’ve been chuckling a bit about what my own physicians have endured as a result of my medical background.  How commonly is a surgeon interrogated about what type of suture pattern and material he intends to use? How often does an anesthesiologist need to provide a detailed pharmacologic rundown of the anti-emetic (anti-vomiting) drugs that will be used to keep the patient with a queasy stomach from puking post-operatively? 

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I remember one particular appointment with my family physician a few years back.  When we discussed the reason for the visit I began with, “I think I have cancer!”  I explained that I’d been losing weight even though I’d been eating normally.  After all, a diagnostic workup on a middle-aged dog or cat losing weight in the “midst of plenty” often results in the diagnosis of cancer.   My physician worked hard to hide a grin as he explained that, given my age, sex, and overall vigor, other diagnoses were far more likely. Thankfully, he was right, and the next time I saw him he asked for permission to share this “amusing patient story” with some medical students he was training.  

Sometimes, the medical knowledge I have can be a detriment to my own peace of mind.  As the story above illustrates, I’m always keenly aware of the worst-case scenario (tough on a person who is a natural born worrier). Would I trade being a veterinarian for any other profession?  Not in a million years.  Not only do I love what I do, I love that my medical background (along with a bit of chutzpah) allows me to be a stellar medical advocate for myself.  And if you’ve read much of what I’ve written in the past, you know that I am all about medical advocacy! 

Do you work within the medical profession?  If so, how has this been helpful or detrimental when interacting with your health care professionals (including your veterinarian)? 

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