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Looking back on 2010

December 30, 2010

Dr. V. at Pawcurious has initiated a “blog hop” recruiting her fellow pet bloggers to compile their lists of the best of 2010.  This Dr. V. is so darned nice, adorable, and funny, that I would be hard-pressed to ever decline her invitation.  So, I’ve chosen for you what I consider to be my favorite blogs from 2010.  If you think I left one out that should have made the top ten, by all means let me know.  Now, here’s a look back at 2010!

A Rottweiler Reunion

This was such a sweet story originating with two wonderfully sweet and very pregnant Rottweilers who were abandoned at my hospital.  This is a story with a wonderfully happy ending.

What is a Veterinary Specialist?

I’m always surprised by how many people don’t know that veterinary specialists exist.  This is my way of getting the word out.

Speaking for Spot Gives Back

The Speaking for Spot Gives Back Program has been wonderfully successful allowing animal-centered nonprofit organizations to benefit from sales of Speaking for Spot.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

Gastric Torsion: A Horribly Unhealthy Kind of Twist

I’ve always loved explaining this strange disease to my clients, so why not explain it to my blog audience as well!

What Not to Name Your Dog

This was a fun blog to write and based on my readers’ responses, a good reminder to me to not be so darned serious all the time!

Reasonable Expectations

My main soapbox is medical advocacy which translates into trying to convince people about what they are entitled to when it comes to medical care.  My series on “Reasonable Expectations” does exactly that.  So far there are 7 blog posts within this series and there will certainly be a few more.  The very last one (will likely show up in February) may surprise you!

A Dozen Simple Ways to Be Certain You Are Working With a Reputable Breeder

How can the “average Joe” feel confident they are purchasing a healthy purebred puppy and not supporting puppy mills in the process?  The purpose of this blog post was to teach exactly that! 

Puppy Mills: People and Their Puppies Pay the Ultimate Price

Here I am on my anti-puppy mill soapbox!  

My Puppy Mill Education

And more on my anti-puppy mill soapbox!  When will this insanity against animals ever end?

Vaccinations for Your Dog: A Complex Issue

It’s critical to be your best friend’s medical advocate when it comes to vaccinations.  This blog is my attempt to teach people how.

Best wishes for a happy new year.   

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