Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Steve and Alayne with Daisy

I first communicated with Steve Smith when he and Alayne Marker enrolled their nonprofit organization in the Speaking for Spot Gives Back Program.  Located in New Hampshire, Steve and Alayne are the proprietors of the Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary. Their mission is to provide a sanctuary focused on caring for animals with disabilities. As stated on their website, “These are the animals who are the least likely to be adopted and among the most likely to be euthanized in traditional shelters.” Visit Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary and you are likely to encounter blind dogs, cats, and horses as well as animals with irreparable neurological and orthopedic issues.  Steve and Alayne report that the animals are incredibly content- none seem to “feel sorry for themselves”.  This is certainly no surprise to me- based on my experience I know that most disabled animals remain happy and energetic.  They are true experts at living in the moment- excellent role models for us, don’t you think?  

What prompted me to write about Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary was a blog post I recently received from Steve describing a wonderfully innovative way he and Alayne are feeding their dogs and cats. Their concern for animals extends well beyond their own facility, so much so that for a period of time they tried feeding a vegetarian diet to their dogs who apparently responded with, “No thanks!”   In the blog, Steve describes that they’ve opted to raise their own beef cattle as a self-sustaining food source for their dogs and kitties.  Looking at the Rolling Dog Ranch website, I get the impression that these cows have a pretty darned perfect bovine life other than on their very last day.  This beef project was started in 2008 and Steve described the process of taking Sebastian, their first steer to slaughter.  As Steve describes it, “I was able to walk through the entire facility with the owner, stood on the kill floor, and examined their entire process for how they do the slaughtering.  It was quiet, clean, and as stress-free as any facility like that could possibly be.” 


Steve and Alayne use a website called Balance IT to help them create balanced homemade diets.  They are doing their best to use all local ingredients.  In their blog post (, they provide resources for finding and purchasing humanely raised food for you and your pets.  They recommend that people visit farms to see for themselves how the animals are raised. 

I must tell you that I am intrigued by and enamored with the innovative things that are happening at Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary.  Steve and Alayne are two wonderfully forward thinking people who have provided me- and now you- with some fabulous food for thought.

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6 Responses to “Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary”

  1. Jana Rade Says:

    We are slowly working on a similar project at Jasmine’s ranch. Well, it’s not really a ranch yet but a piece of desolate land, but we’re fixing it up 🙂

  2. Sherry Carpenter Says:

    Diane Sawyer, ABC News recently did a segment on MADE IN AMERICA when furnishing a home. It would be interesting to do a MADE IN AMERICA pet food segment–national, state, local. Also–did you know that Pennsylvania now believes that closing the puppy mills is hurting the state’s economy and is re-thinking the law?

  3. Carolyn in Belize Says:

    I first heard about Rolling Dog Ranch in Bark magazine a couple years ago so it was nice to get a follow up. I have considered these same issues … but only for one dog and 2 adults. How truly inspiring!

  4. Stephanie Johnson Says:

    I think what these folks are doing is simply wonderful! I would love the opportunity to discuss a product donation to potentially help the pets with mobility issues — it is called DGP. Steve and/or Alayne please give me a call at 888-884-7770. As a company we like to give back to those who give of themselves.

  5. Petdiggity Says:

    Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary «…

    Visit Rolling Dog Ranch Animal Sanctuary and you are likely to encounter blind dogs, cats, and horses as well as animals with irreparable neurological and orthopedic issues….

  6. Julie Says:

    Loved your post! They are one of my favorite rescue organizations. I posted it on!

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