Governor Schwarzenegger’s Very Bad Idea!

Calling all California animal lovers!  Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently announced a plan to tax veterinary services as part of his budget plan to stimulate the California economy.  This was part of a larger combination of program cuts and revenue increases to solve the multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.  If passed, this proposal will automatically increase your veterinary bills by nine percent!  Not only might this wreak havoc on your personal finances, I am concerned that this new legislation will result in an increased incidence of euthanasia and animal abandonment- a scary thought indeed.

By the way, no other health professions are taxed within this proposal.  Rather veterinary services have been “lumped” together for taxation with appliance, furniture, and vehicle repair services.  Perhaps Governor Schwarzenegger equates “repairing” a beloved four-legged family member with repair of readily replaceable inanimate objects!

We need to wake Governor Schwarzenegger up!  Please voice your concern at once by providing him and your state representatives with a letter expressing your opinion. You will find the letter I wrote to Governor Schwarzenegger at  Visit to find mailing addresses for your government officials and to learn more about this tax proposal.  Last but not least, let your veterinarian know that you are interested and concerned.  He or she will thank you for that!

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